TikTok Isn’t Keeping Its Promises To Better Protect Kids

TikTok hasn’t lived up to its agreement with the FTC Protect children a group of 20 advocacy groups say.

The coalition headed by the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood Identified numerous issues that were alleged verifying consumer’s ages, in a new FTC complaint.

The app is ensnaring perhaps millions of children in its advertising apparatus.

With TikTok a record $ 5.7 million nice, A year ago, regulators saddled For violating the federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

TikTok stated it eliminate any videos from users whose ages were not known and would delete movies from any users it knew was significantly younger than 13 to settle the analysis.

The problems stretch back to when TikTok’s predecessor company, Muiscal.ly.

TikTok is among the most Well-known programs on Earth and has nearly 800 million users.

It had been the app in the first Quarter, as countless new users flooded onto it during global lockdown.

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