TikTok Introduces Parental Controls With New Family Safety Mode Feature

TikTok Declared today the Debut Of a fresh set of parental controls, called”Family Safety Mode,” designed to allow parents set limits in their teenaged children’s utilization of the TikTok mobile program. The package of features includes management controls, constraints on direct messages and a mode that restricts the look of improper content.

According to Parents that want to empower Family Safety Mode must create their own accounts on the app, which is then linked to the account of the teen. Once empowered, parents will have the ability to control the length of time the teen will spend on the app every day; turn off or restrict who the teen can direct message; and choose to turn TikTok’s”restricted” mode that will limit inappropriate content.

To be clear, these features were Available in the program for users to set for themselves. The new Family Safety Mode simply puts a parent or guardian in charge of toggling the buttons off or on and averts the settings from being changed without parents’ participation.

It’s not clear how well TikTok’s restricted mode functions, as TikTok does not explain The screening procedure it uses. For a program of this scale, it based in part on users flagging inappropriate videos. Parents should be aware, then, that restricted mode isn’t likely to become a way of controlling the user experience.

The new pair Of controls is really a subset of the controls users may enable for themselves. For example, turn off commenting, users may also choose to produce their accounts private or control who is permitted to duet with them, among other things.

However, the controls do tackle some of Parents’ biggest concerns about the nature of the app of TikTok, the messages that parents can not monitor and the material.

Increased scrutiny is followed by the launching time by authorities of TikTok.

In 2019, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission fined the app Musical.ly (which was obtained by ByteDance) $5.7 million for breach of U.S. children’s privacy legislation COPPA. And at the U.K., TikTok was under investigation by the U.K. Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for potential GDPR offenses around the protection of children’s data.

Not coincidentally, TikTok states the new parental controls are available in the U.K., beginning today. TikTok states, but didn’t suggest which ones although they will roll out to other markets in the weeks ahead.

The controls, however, are designed with European law In mind. At the U.S., TikTok offers the age-gate for younger users, but not controllers for parents like this.

In addition to the launch of Family Safety mode, TikTok partnered to produce a series Of safety videos about management to encourage users to take A break from their cell phone. These are being added to the TikTop Tips video show and will also roll out from the program starting first in the U.K. today.

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