Roblox Raises Series G At $4B Valuation

If you are building the metaverse–a collective area that is virtual –you’ve got investors’ attention.

On Wednesday, online gaming platform Roblox announced $150 million in Series G. The round values Roblox at around $4 billion. Understand what’s nicer, although nice? The business’s profitable on a cash-flow foundation and hopes to generate $1 billion in bookings this season.

Do not think about Roblox as a match

It’s a market and platform for 3D content that is user-generated. With Roblox Studio, over 2 million programmers have created. Last year, Roblox paid out over $110 million to developers, who get a reduction of the revenue from purchases within their creations.

That’s because matches serve as marketplaces for virtual things like weapons or skins that are exchanged using the Robux money.


So you have heard about the founders? Roblox has:

115+ million monthly active users
28 billion hours of playtime logged because 2008
A summit of 2.7 million concurrent users

Since roughly half Of U.S. kids ages 9–12 utilize Roblox, protecting them is a priority.

The company intends to utilize the new financing to cultivate its young user base and invest in security features.

By focusing on toys that are virtual, social, games, and press, Roblox has layouts to become a one-stop entertainment shop.

Roblox has cross-platform service on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon’s Fire apparatus, Xbox, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive.

You will find different demigods aspiring to construct the metaverse: Epic Games, parent firm of Fortnite. Niantic, the studio behind Pokémon Move . Microsoft, owner of the bestselling game of all time, Minecraft. And Oculus.

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