Roblox New Adopt Me Update Adds A Pirate Themed Costume Furniture Plus A Pirate Ship House

Adopt Me is undoubtedly one of the biggest games to play Roblox regularly seeing over 500,000 concurrent players. It’s blend of puppy and roleplaying collecting has captivated millions. In The group behind Adopt Me, the latest update DreamCraft, have added a whole plethora of fresh things for you to decorate your house and avatar with.

The Pirate upgrade Adds a Pirate Ship House which can be picked up for 1600 bucks plus a pirate game pass that may be purchased for 300 Robux. The Pirate costume game pass includes moustache and buddy, a hat, eyepatch, ruff and a cutlass.

The addition of a Special parrot pet may have been a good idea but people on the watch for new pets will have to watch for a bit longer. Not too long though as Adopt Me has recently Tweeted the long-awaited Monkey Fairground and Adopt I will probably be seeing next week.

The Monkey Fairground will have six monkey pets with each being different from the others, to collect.

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