Roblox Is Not Being Shut Down

Perhaps it’s some Form of early beginning existential angst, but most players are obsessed with making up stories about their games being closed down. Long prior to the Fortnite: Chapter two reboot there were infinite stories and rumours about Epic Games shutting down Fortnite for… reasons that were never sensibly articulated. It’s children realising that matches that are free-to-play will only stay around for as long as they’re profitable. Or perhaps it’s just that Fortnite shut down is. Either way, the same nonsense is being spouted about Roblox.

Although direct Comparisons are hard, Roblox is now believed to be much more popular than Fortnite and Minecraft, and so by that fact you can guarantee the founders don’t have any intention of shutting down it.

Not for the initial Time, Roblox Corporation has had to send out a statement they’re not going to shut up shop this year, after an article at React2424 — that allows people to make fake news stories — pretended. The rumour was so consistent that Roblox had to post the tweet above, although the article was taken down today.

Considering Roblox Has over 100 million monthly users and has made over #770 million In revenues nobody should need a tweet to tell them that the game isn’t Moving anywhere. Still, as Roblox sagely points out:’Don’t think everything read On the web.

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