Roblox 7th Bloxy Awards Streamed Inside Roblox Itself

Minecraft may be credited for creating and popularizing the entire sandbox game genre but Roblox has taken it. The massively multiplayer online game that’s like a mashup of LEGO and Minecraft has been not just for playing for creating the games others will be playing. It’s pretty much the founders, which including youngsters and budding […]

Roblox New Adopt Me Update Adds A Pirate Themed Costume Furniture Plus A Pirate Ship House

Adopt Me is undoubtedly one of the biggest games to play Roblox regularly seeing over 500,000 concurrent players. It’s blend of puppy and roleplaying collecting has captivated millions. In The group behind Adopt Me, the latest update DreamCraft, have added a whole plethora of fresh things for you to decorate your house and avatar with. […]

TikTok Now Lets Parents Set Restrictions On Their Kids Accounts

TikTok is amping up its parental controls Now with a feature That allows parents remotely set restrictions on their children’ accounts. The new feature allows parents to connect their children’ accounts for their very own, where they will have the ability to disable messages, turn on content mode, and set screen time constraints. The update […]

TikTok Finally Rolls Out Reply with Video Feature

You probably know about TikTok but are you prepared for TikTok-ception? Well, you should be. The popular social networking service has rolled out a feature that lots of users were requesting for quite a long time. Yes, that is right! You can now respond to a comment on a TikTok. This prompted the consultant to […]

TikTok To Update Its App With A Bunch Of New Features

According to information shredder and media advisor TikTokers can anticipate several new features as the manufacturers place them. The very notable feature which we may soon see on TikTok is your’likes/dislikes’ in remarks. Most networking networks make it possible for users to respond to other people’s opinions. TikTok takes matters further with the addition of […]

TikTok Introduces Parental Controls With New Family Safety Mode Feature

TikTok Declared today the Debut Of a fresh set of parental controls, called”Family Safety Mode,” designed to allow parents set limits in their teenaged children’s utilization of the TikTok mobile program. The package of features includes management controls, constraints on direct messages and a mode that restricts the look of improper content. According to Parents […]

Kids Now Spend More Time Watching TikTok and YouTube In US, UK And Spain

A study on Children’ app usage and Customs Indicates a threat to YouTube’s dominance, as kids divide their time like TikTok, Netflix and mobile games. Kids ages spend an average of 85 minutes per day watching videos, compared with 80 minutes per day. Increase was also driven by the app in children’ program use by […]

All You Need To Know About Roblox

Roblox might not be as renowned a children’s match as Fortnite or Minecraft, but it recently announced that it has more than 100 million active monthly players. It has flown more beneath the media radar than those competitions, leaving Parents whose kids are currently asking to play with it (or playing with it without asking) […]

The Monkey Fairground Has Arrived In Adopt Me On Roblox

The long-awaited Monkey Fairground has arrived at Adopt Me on Roblox. The Monkey Fairground and Adoption Island for another four weeks will soon be seeing giving folks a lot of time to get their hands on a few of their monkey pets or even the accessories that are new. There are two choices to acquire […]

8 TikTok Features We Bet You Didn’t Know

Of late TikTok was from the limelight but maybe not for quite good reasons. However replacing the TikTok program is difficult for a new entrant. TikTok has countless customers sharing and generating movies on a daily basis. There are several users that combined the stage. Consumers are aware of the features that TikTok provides but […]