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TikTok Isn’t Keeping Its Promises To Better Protect Kids

TikTok hasn’t lived up to its agreement with the FTC Protect children a group of 20 advocacy groups say. The coalition headed by the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood Identified numerous issues that were alleged verifying consumer’s ages, in a new FTC complaint. The app is ensnaring perhaps millions of children in its advertising […]

What Parents Need To Know About Roblox

In the technology world, trendy tendencies appear to change in the rate of a mouse-click and parents have been left with no clue about what online games and actions their kids are after. For well over a decade, Roblox Has been a major hit with kids over the planet, as well as 90 million consumers […]

Roblox 7th Bloxy Awards Streamed Inside Roblox Itself

Minecraft may be credited for creating and popularizing the entire sandbox game genre but Roblox has taken it. The massively multiplayer online game that’s like a mashup of LEGO and Minecraft has been not just for playing for creating the games others will be playing. It’s pretty much the founders, which including youngsters and budding […]

TikTok Introduces Parental Controls With New Family Safety Mode Feature

TikTok Declared today the Debut Of a fresh set of parental controls, called”Family Safety Mode,” designed to allow parents set limits in their teenaged children’s utilization of the TikTok mobile program. The package of features includes management controls, constraints on direct messages and a mode that restricts the look of improper content. According to Parents […]