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Roblox Is Not Being Shut Down

Perhaps it’s some Form of early beginning existential angst, but most players are obsessed with making up stories about their games being closed down. Long prior to the Fortnite: Chapter two reboot there were infinite stories and rumours about Epic Games shutting down Fortnite for… reasons that were never sensibly articulated. It’s children realising that […]

The Most Popular Games On Roblox Episode 1, Adopt Me

There are plenty of games available to play the Roblox platform. I conducted a Google search to discover how many and there are thousands of millions of games. These range from names which have hardly been played on the titans of this platform which attracts countless gamers. It’s these titans whom I need to research […]

TikTok To Update Its App With A Bunch Of New Features

According to information shredder and media advisor TikTokers can anticipate several new features as the manufacturers place them. The very notable feature which we may soon see on TikTok is your’likes/dislikes’ in remarks. Most networking networks make it possible for users to respond to other people’s opinions. TikTok takes matters further with the addition of […]

8 TikTok Features We Bet You Didn’t Know

Of late TikTok was from the limelight but maybe not for quite good reasons. However replacing the TikTok program is difficult for a new entrant. TikTok has countless customers sharing and generating movies on a daily basis. There are several users that combined the stage. Consumers are aware of the features that TikTok provides but […]